Our Team

Over 30 faculty, residents, medical students, and undergraduates at UCLA have been developing and testing this program over the last year with great success, presenting our program at various local and national conferences. In addition, we have partnered with leadership across UCLA Health and with Way To Health, an evidence-based patient engagement platform developed by faculty at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Daniel Croymans, MD, MBA, MS

- Co-Founder, Strategy & Technology Lead
- Primary Care Physician, UCLA Health

Paul Bixenstine Photo 10-4-17.png

Paul Bixenstine, MD

- Co-Founder, Operations Lead
- Resident, UCLA Medicine and Pediatrics

Ian Hurst Headshot.JPG

Ian Hurst

- Director of Research
- Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, UCLA

Dani Ogren 2x2 Headshot.jpg

Dani ogren

- Director of Health Coaching and Outreach
- Medical Student, UCLA

John Tawfik Headshot.jpg

john Tawfik

- Director of Outreach
- Biology, UCLA


Gabe Hall

- Director of Technology
- Computer Science, Columbia

Sri Krishnan Headshot Resized.jpg

Sri Krishnan

-Director of Outreach
-Resident, UCLA Medicine

Sondra Grossman Headshot Resized.jpg

Sondra GRossman

-Director of Health Coaching
-Political Science & Business, UC Irvine

James Severin Headshot 2x2 Resized.jpg

James severin

-Director of Health Coaching
- Arts, Film, Theatre, & Society, Notre Dame

Sharon Wang Headshot 2x2 Resized.jpg

sharon wang

-Director of Health Coaching
-Psychobiology, UCLA

Sarah Tan Headshot.JPG

Sarah Tan

-Director of Messaging
- Psychology, UCLA


Alice Kuo MD, PhD, MBA

- Chief, UCLA Medicine and Pediatrics


Michael Ong MD, Phd

- Chief, Hospitalist Division VA Greater Los Angeles


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